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Parliament seeks international condemnation of Russia over Donbas escalation

The Prosecutor-General's Office is instructed to send files to the ICC.

Parliament seeks international condemnation of Russia over Donbas escalation
Photo: Max Trebukhov

At its evening session on 7 February, the Ukrainian parliament called on parliaments of foreign states and international organizations to condemn the escalation of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

The bill to this effect, which was supported by 258 MPs, says that Russia violated a ceasefire foreseen by the Minsk agreements and committed a deliberate and barbarian attack on Avdiyivka and the infrastructure of Donbas. MPs called on their foreign colleagues to do their best to prevent non-selective attacks by non-regular and regular Russian paramilitary groups in Donbas.

It also called on international organizations and rights activists to investigate the cases of violations of international humanitarian law during the current escalation in Donbas, and instructed the Prosecutor-General's Office to send respective files to the International Criminal Court.

Hostilities in Donbas, especially in the area of Avdiyivka, have steeply intensified since 29 January. Over the next several days, Russia-backed militants fired 345 t of ammunition against the positions of the Ukrainian military, which is as much as eight train cars filled to capacity.

There were casualties among civilians and servicemen alike.

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