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Ukrainian medics save wounded British photographer's eyesight

The operation has lasted for over four hours.

Medics in Ukraine's Dnipro have managed to save the eyesight of British photographer Christopher Nunn who got wounded yesterday during the shelling of Avdiyivka by pro-Russian militants, the TSN news website has said.

Nunn and his translator were working there on the report about the escalation in eastern Ukraine.

After he was wounded, he was rushed to the Mechnykov hospital in Dnipro.

The surgery lasted for over four hours. Medics had to "literally piece together" his left eye and remove numerous pieces of shrapnel from his right eye.

"The eye lens was completely smashed. It was mixed with the vitreous body in the eye. We had to remove it all. There was also a large foreign body of about 5 mm in size. In fact, the retina got detached. We had to put the retina back in place and hem the artificial lens around the eye," chief ophthalmologist Valeriy Serdyuk said.

The head of the Donetsk military-civil administration, Pavlo Zhebrivskyy, said yesterday that two people were killed and a foreign correspondent sustained wounds to his face as a result of a shelling attack on Avdiyivka.

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