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NAPC head not planning to resign

"I will not retire. Why should I?"

NAPC head not planning to resign
NAPC ​head Natalia Korchak
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The head of the National Anti-Corruption Agency Natalia Korchak is not going to resign despite the harsh criticism from the Cabinet members. "I will not retire. Why should I leave?" Korchak told reporters in the Cabinet corridors after the government meeting on Wednesday.

"Imagine we all retire, the NAPC remains unmanageable. Who is going to check into the declarations, who should perform these functions. This whole direction of work will be paralyzed. Yes, objectively the declarations are submitted, objectively everything is good, but physically..." she said.

The head of NAPK dismissed the criticism from the government as unfair. In her opinion, the Cabinet simply does not want Anticorruption agency to work.

If the NAPC chairman does not resign, she can be dismissed only by a court decision for systematic violation of the law on combating corruption or for a criminal offense.

Korchak was hired for two years only a year ago.

The National Anti-Corruption Agency is an independent central executive agency with a special status that ensures the formation and implementation of the state anti-corruption policy. It is under the control of the Verkhovna Rada.

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