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It takes a banker to govern central bank - economist

Ihor Burakivskyy listed the qualities that the head of the central bank should possess.

It takes a banker to govern central bank - economist
Photo: Photo: Max Levin

The head of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (Kyiv), PHd in economy Ihor Burakivskyy in an expert survey by Gorshenin Institute listed the qualities that in his opinion are critical for the new head of the NBU, and called the name of the candidate who seems to fit perfectly for the job.

"This person should be able to say "no" at every level, which is very important, because otherwise this person immediately becomes an object of political and other influences. Secondly, this person should be able to bring in a team of professionals. Clearly, it will be hard to run such a large institution in today's conditions without an own team. And, finally, he should be a representative of the banking business," Burakivskyy said.

In addition, the economist said, the candidate for the post of NBU governor should strive for changes in the central bank: "Without such motivation, people tend to grow disappointed or break down and embark on doing things they should not do.

In Burakivskyy's opinion, Volodymyr Lavrenchuk of Raiffeisen Bank answers of the above criteria.

The former acting finance minister of Ukraine Ihor Umanskyy also named two candidates for the post of head of the NBU.

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