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Rada clears way to creation of anti-graft court

The president now can submit own bill.

The Verkhovna Rada on Thursday by 235 votes withdrew a lawmaker's bill No. 6011 on the creation of anti-corruption court.

The move has been considered for the third time. On 9 and 14 November, the parliament has not garnered the required number of votes.

MP Mustafa Nayem said in a comment that President Poroshenko on Thursday will submit his draft law on the Anti-Corruption Court to the parliament, since the IMF insists that this bill is passed in the first and second reading before January 25.

"It's the ultimate deadline, the violation of which will disrupt the next [IMF] tranche," the lawmaker wrote on Facebook.

The Venice Commission, in its October 6 conclusion, criticised No. 6011 and No. 6529 on the creation of an anti-corruption court and recommended that the president submitted his draft law. However, the 6011 bill that was still on the agenda of the current session of the Verkhovna Rada has to be withdrawn before a new bill on this topic is submitted for discussion.

The opposition believes that the ruling coalition on purpose failed to revoke the. 6011 bill to delay the review process.

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