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Lviv railway service to Russia proves most popular

Passenger traffic between Ukraine and Russia reaches almost 2 million people.

Some 921,400 passengers traveled from Ukraine to Russia by railway in 2017, while 900,600 passengers moved in the opposite direction, according to a report sent by the Ukrainian railway company Ukrzaliznytsya to

Some 774,300 people used Ukrainian trains on their way out of the country and 807,000 to enter it. Other passengers used Moldova's Chisinau-Moscow and Chisinau-St Petersburg services.

The Ukrainian railway service No 74/73 from Lviv to Moscow, with additional carriages added in Kovel and Ivano-Frankivsk, carried the highest number of passengers, 350,000. For comparison, railway service No 5/6 from Kyiv to Moscow (with additional carriages added in Chernihiv) transported 232,000 passengers. The same number was carried by service 74/73 from Kryvy Rih to Moscow (with additional carriages added in Dnipro).

Other popular services are

  • - No 19/20 Kharkiv-Moscow (with additional carriages added in Kremenchuk and Sumy), 208,000 passengers,
  • - No 24 Odesa-Moscow, 195,700 passengers,
  • - No 62/63 Mykolayiv-Moscow (with additional carriages added in Kherson), 188,900 passengers,
  • - No 55/56 Khmelnytskyy-Moscow (with additional carriages added in Zhmerynka), 90,000 passengers,
  • - No 53/54 Kyiv-St Petersburg (with additional carriages added in Kharkiv and Dnipro), 77,000 passengers.

ThThe most profitable service in 2017 was Kyiv-Moscow, while Mariupol-Lviv was the least profitable one.

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