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One soldier killed, seven injured in army tent fire

The fire broke out as a result of mishandling a stove.

One Ukrainian serviceman died and seven more got burns in a fire which broke out at the army's training range No 235 (Shyrokyy Lan) in Mykolayiv Region in the early hours of 13 March, the press service of the Armed Forces' Ground Troops has said.

The fire broke out due to a violation of the rules of using a stove at nighttime. One tent burnt down.

The injured servicemen were taken to the Mykolayiv military hospital. There is no threat to their life.

The press officer of the 92nd detached mechanised brigade, Khrystyna Vdovychenko, told 112 Ukrayina TV by phone that the servicemen who was injured the most had 25% of his skin burnt.

A criminal case was opened, the Prosecutor-General's Office said. There were 15 servicemen in the tent, according to its press secretary Andriy Lysenko.

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