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Ukrainian parliament permits posthumous organ donation

Ukrainian parliament permits posthumous organ donation

The Ukrainian parliament has adopted a law permitting organ transplantation after the death of the donor provided he or she has given a written consent to organ transplantation.

A total of 255 MPs voted for the final adoption of bill No. 2386а-1, which introduces amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine on health care and transplantation of organs and other anatomical materials.

The law provides for a presumption of disagreement - the material for transplantation can be obtained from the body of the deceased person only if he or she agrees to organ transplantation during his or her life.

According to Article 16 of the law, every adult person is entitled to provide written consent or disagreement with the removal of anatomical materials from his or her body for transplantation and/or bio-implant production after death.

Anatomical materials can be removed from a living donor only if he or she has voluntarily and consciously agreed in writing to donate anatomical materials.

The parliament determined that all information regarding consent or disagreement with organ donation is included in a unified state information system.

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