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Scoop of the weekend: Anticipation of 27 July ceeasefire

Scoop of the weekend: Anticipation of 27 July ceeasefire


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Putin and Russia's Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in Donbas over the phone. According to Zelenskyy's press service, they welcomed the agreement on a complete and comprehensive ceasefire as of 27 July. Zelensky also raised the issue of Crimean Tatar Ruslan Suleymanov, who is held by Russia and whose 3-year-old son was found dead in sewage.

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry has issued a statement, saying that a full and comprehensive ceasefire would be implemented only if the principles of the agreement are honoured by all sides. "A complete and comprehensive ceasefire does not deprive servicemen of the right, in case of violation of agreements by the enemy, to act in accordance with international law and the national law of Ukraine in case of not only offensive but also provocative actions, sabotage and reconnaissance operations and if there is danger to the life and health of military personnel, civilians, damage or destruction of infrastructure," the statement reads.

Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Ruslan Khomchak has warned Ukrainians against failing pray to "guided acts of provocation" and "hybrid manifestations of panic" around the agreed ceasefire. He added that it does not deprive servicemen of the right to return fire if the enemy breaches the agreements.

A field and at least 10 households in the village of Zaytseve in Donetsk Region caught fire after separatists shelled the area, according to Donbas.Realii. Two Ukrainian army units and local officers of the State Emergencies Service are extinguishing the fire.


Five NATO ships, including the frigates Alvaro De Bazan (Spain), Regina Maria (Romania), Yildirim (Turkey) and the corvettes Contraamiral Eustațiu Sebastian (Romania) and Bodri (Bulgaria), called at Odesa on the morning of 25 July. They are taking part in the Sea Breeze 2020 international exercise.

Cyber security

Experts from the National Cyber Security Coordination Centre found in DarkNet a list of nearly 3 million websites which use the Cloudflare service for protection against DDoS and a number of other cyberattacks. The list contains 45 entries with domain and over 6,500 with .ua domain, including those concerning critical infrastructure.


By the morning of 26 July, Ukraine has registered a single-day increase of 920 coronavirus cases, bring the total count to 64,849, which includes 35,807 recoveries and 1,605 deaths.


Yet another attempt to lift the damaged oil tanker Delfi off the Odesa coast has failed.

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