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Air alarm in Kyiv (information completed)

It is not a training alarm - if you hear the siren, you should go to the shelter.

Air alarm in Kyiv (information completed)
Photo: Iryna Hromotska

The sirens of air alarm are on in Kyiv again. It is the second air alarm within one hour. The citizens should hide in the shelters immediately.

Here is the map of shelters.

14.00 - another air alarm is on. If you hear the sirens, go to the shelter

11.00 - another air alarm is on.

8.15 another air alarm was on in Kyiv. The citizen should go to the nearest shelter. Was reported by the Kyiv City State Administration.

Around 7 in the morning the air alarms went on in Kyiv. According to witnesses it was possible to hear them in the center of the city, for instance, at Yaroslaviv Val, in Sholudenka Street and also in Solomiansky and Kharkivskyi Districts of the city.

The message from Kyiv City State Administration says: Attention, it is not a training alarm! Air threat was spotted! If you hear the sirens, go to the nearest shelter! During air alarms the subway stations are available for people to be used as shelters at any time. The capital acts under martial law. Pay attention to official information and stay calm.

Later it was specified by Kyiv City State Administration that in case of air alarm the terrestrial subway stations "Dnipro", "Hidropark", "Livoberezhna", "Darnutsya", "Chernihivska" and "Lisova" will not function. They are not safe to be used as shelters and for passenger transportation.

Some stations are functioning with control over the number of people entering in order to provide transportation and avoid agglomerations.

Air strike on Kyiv started at 4 in the morning. Air defense systems are working. Kyiv is receiving additional weapons. The addresses where the volunteers cen get weapon and join territorial defense units are the following: Shevchenkivskyi district, Puhachova Street, 10; Holosiivskyi district, Hlushkova Street 9, Obolonskyi district, Poliarna Street 20 (generators' plant).

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