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Rockomnadzor Website Hacked (updated)

Hacktivists keep on hacking Russian web resources.

Rockomnadzor Website Hacked (updated)
Photo: EPA/UPG

Roskomnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media) website is not working. Russian TV channels play Ukrainian music.

In the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, it is assumed that the hackers behind this are the Anonymous group. Meanwhile, hacktivists keep hacking Russian services and websites.

Update. The Center for Countering Disinformation reported that as of 19.05 on February 26 due to a hacker attack by the group Anonymous, the following sites stopped working:

  • President of the Russian Federation (Kremlin); 
  • Government of the Russian Federation; 
  • State Duma; 
  • Federation Council; 
  • Government services and other sites.

The hackers also provided journalists and researchers with more than 200 GB of e-mails from Belarusian arms manufacturer Tetraedr.

We remind you that the Anonymous group recorded a personal message to Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, who declared war with Ukraine on 24 February. In the video, uploaded on YouTube, the hacktivists encourage him to stop attacking Ukraine, and threaten with serious consequences should this not happen.

Earlier, the American TV channel BBC news announced that Joe Biden, the President of the USA, was offered several options of cyberattacks that the USA can carry out against Russia. The aim of these attacks is to impede Russia's ability to support the military operations in Ukraine. 

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