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The Russian tank battalion commander was captivated

The Russian tank battalion commander was captivated
Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Ukrainian defenders captured the commander of the tank battalion of the Russian occupiers.

This was reported on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“Major Leonid Petrovich Shchetkin, сommander of the Tank Battalion of the 35th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Central Military District of the Russian Army from Oleysk graduated from Kazan Military Tank School. He is married and has two children”, they said.

Photo: Ministry of Defense, Facebook

The invaider’s tank was crashed by the Ukrainian Military Forces, the enemy survived.

The National Guard reports that the enemy was detained during the battles in Chernihiv.

As a result of a lightning-fast attack National Guard of Ukraine together with the Ukrainian Military troops managed to regain lost ground and captured two Russian occupiers who did not even react to what happened.They were very confused and capitulated to save own lives. " the statement said.

We remind, on the first day of full-scale Russian war against Ukraine, a whole military intelligence unit of 74 motorized brigade surrendered to Ukrainian Army.

They came to Ukraine from Belarus.

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