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9 civilians and 18 soldiers killed and more than 100 people wounded during the attacks on Kyiv

Kyiv continues to hold its territory - there are no Russian troops in the capital, only the infiltrators

9 civilians and 18 soldiers killed and more than 100 people wounded during the attacks on Kyiv
Photo: DSNS

From the beginning of the attacks on Kyiv which started on February 24, 9 civilians (incl. one child), 4 unknown people, 18 soldiers & territorial defence members were killed. 

This information was announced in the video message by Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of the city. 106 people (incl. 47 civilians, among which there are 3 children and a 17-year-old cadet) have suffered from the actions of the enemy.

As the mayor stated: “Kyiv continues to hold its ground. There are no Russian troops in the city, but our soldiers, law enforcement officers and territorial defence forces continue to uncover and neutralise the infiltrators. There were some fights and shootings at night during which several big infiltration groups were neutralised.”

Russia keep the residential areas under fire. Russia kills Ukrainians all over the country.

The mayor also added that in the morning on the Lavruhina St. there was an explosion in the yard of the 16-store building. 7 civilian cars caught fire and the shock wave damaged the windows and balconies of the 1st-15th floors.

“People from one entrance were evacuated. No people were killed, but there were people with minor injuries. In general, the situation in the city is under control.”

We remind you that there is a curfew till 8:00 am til February 28. The movement in the city is possible only when there is an air raid warning and it is necessary to find shelter. The movement by car is possible only with a special pass. Any other movement around the city is regarded as an infiltration activity.

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