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The European Union has forbidden to sell Russian clients securities in Euros

Also the deposits of Russians in Europe are restricted

The European Union has forbidden to sell Russian clients securities in Euros

The European Union has restricted financial flows from Russia by forbidding European banks to accept from Russians and Russian companies deposits that exceed 100 thousand euros.

The correspondent decision has been published in the official magazine of the EU, informs РБК.

At the same time European depositary institutions are forbidden to provide services to the citizens of Russia and organizations selling securities that were issued after the 12th of April, 2022.

These restrictions and prohibitions are a part of sanctions as the response for continuation of Russia's actions to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. EU sanctions refer to finance, defense, energy, aviation and space areas.

Let us remind you that the European Union initiated the second package of sanctions against RF due to its attack on Ukraine. The sanctions were implemented against the President of Russia, Volodymyr Putin, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Serhiy Lavrov. The Prime Minister, the Head of the Ministry of Defense of RF, members of the Russian Parliament and a number of high-ranking military officials are also the subjects of sanctions.

On the 24th of February Russia started a so called operation at Donbas and before that it recognised the independence of the terrorist organizations "DPL" and "LPR".

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