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“Russian troops are launching missiles at Ukraine from your territory, killing children”, - Zelensky addressed Belarusians

Today Belarusians are called into a referendum

“Russian troops are launching missiles at Ukraine from your territory, killing children”, - Zelensky addressed Belarusians
Photo: EPA/UPG

President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the citizens of Belarus - the country, whose authorities are facilitating the Russian war against Ukraine. 

In the clip published on the morning of February 27th, Zelensky mentioned that today Belarusians are being called to election stations to vote on the referendum. 

“It could have looked like a regular political process, however now there is definitely nothing regular. The decisions that are being made now are on an entirely different level. Last night in Ukraine was rough. There were again shellings, the bombing of residential districts, and civilian infrastructure. There are no objects in the country, which occupants would not consider a target. They are fighting against everyone, against everything alive. Against kindergartens, against residential buildings and even ambulances” - the president stated. 

The enemy is using rocket artillery against Ukraine, missiles against entire urban neighborhoods where there is no military infrastructure. Ukrainian cities are in the conditions that Ukraine and Belarus last faced during World War II. 

“But in the war that is happening right now, you are not on our side. From your territory, Russian Federation is launching missiles at Ukraine, killing our children, destroying our houses, trying to blow up everything that was built in decades”, - highlighted the president.

All of this is also a de facto referendum for Belarusians. The president highlighted that Belarusians are deciding who they are, how they are going to look their children, each other, their neighbors in the eyes. And these neighbors are Ukrainians. 

“Be Belarusians, not Russians”, - urged the president. 

On February 27th referendum on the changes to the Constitution is being held in Belarus. There is only one question: “Do you accept the changes and additions to the Constitutions of the Republic of Belarus?” The referendum could consolidate Lukashenko’s indefinite extension of power. 

We will remind you that today Ukrainian military shot down a cruise missile, fired by the occupants at the capital of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. The missile was flying towards Kyiv. From the first day of the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine, there were enemy troops have been pushing into Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. 

Western countries are warning Belarus - for the war against Ukraine it could face the same sanctions as Russian Federation.

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