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Poroshenko provided Territorial Defense with armored vehicle "Tryton" and a set of machine guns

"Triton" has great potential for mine booking.

The leader of the political party "Yevropeiska Solidarists" Petro Poroshenko provided a battalion of Territorial Defense with 30 MKG machine guns (modernized Kalashnikov machine gun), one large-caliber machine gun and armored vehicle "Tryton".


"Dear "Pokemon" (the way the soldiers are calling modernized Kalashnikov machine guns )- our best warriors understand what it is - it is an infallible, powerful, strong and resilient weapon. Today this weapon is a part of military equipment of the battalion. Every unit will have this machine gun. This was an initiative of the employees and the leadership of the military equipment plant "Kuźnia na Rybalskome". I would like to express my gratitude to the management of the plant and I hope that all the Units of Territorial Defense get these guns.” - said Poroshenko.

And we are very lucky - this is an armored car "Triton", which is made specifically for the Armed Forces, for border guards. It can overcome water obstacles. It is unique. It has great mine protection options. It is the best. And for some reason it was not used for various political reasons. Now it will go to the battalion", said the fifth president.

He stated that this car brought another 30 PKM machine guns for the battalion.

Another gift from the “Forge'' is a large-caliber machine gun that can destroy already armored targets. And "Triton" will be equipped with a large-caliber machine gun which will actually demonstrate what awaits Putin and the invaders ", said the party leader.

"We will do everything possible to protect Kyiv, to protect Kyivan. And if we protect Kyiv and Kyiv residents, we will defend Ukraine. We will not allow anyone to destroy our state. Because Ukraine is everything for us", emphasized Poroshenko.

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