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Molotov cocktails are being prepared in Kherson, Mykolaiv, and Odesa to meet the occupiers.

“They will be impressed with the warm welcome, if they get here, of course”, - stated the fighters of territorial defense forces

In Kherson, Mykolaiv, and Odesa, the fighters of territorial defense forces are preparing Molotov cocktails to meet the occupiers. 

“There are already 500 branded cocktail Kherson. We are ready to serve the drinks to occupiers”, - states one of the Kherson journalists in the message. 

We will remind you the people of Odesa are preparing to fight Russian occupants. 

It was reported by “Sluha Narodu” MP Halyna Yanchenko. 

“A factory for the production of Molotov cocktails was launched in Odesa. Russian occupiers will not pass!” - she wrote on her Facebook page and posted a video on which people of Odesa are preparing the explosive mixture to burn enemy military equipment. 

At the same time, not only cocktails but also anti-tank “Czech hedgehogs” are being prepared for the occupiers. 

“The entrepreneurs that work with metal provided it, people made “Czech hedgehogs” - members of Odessa territorial defense forces say.

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