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Ukrainian Railway calls on Europe, Asia to cut links with Russia.

Russian Railways drivers are asked not to obey criminal orders to transport tanks and fuel.

Ukrainian Railway calls on Europe, Asia to cut links with Russia.
Photo: Alexander Rudomanov

The official statement of Ukrzaliznytsia says that it has sent appeals to the administrations of all world railways to block the railway connection with Russia and exclude RR from all international organizations.

"Ukrzaliznytsia appealed to all countries of Europe and Asia to stop any interaction of railway administrations with the aggressor country - the Russian Federation. The corresponding address is sent to administrations of all railways which carry out transportation from the Russian Federation", reported the organization.

Ukrzaliznytsia also appealed to Russian citizens.

"A Russian citizen, you can no longer fly anywhere, and now you cannot go anywhere. We call on the railway administrations of all countries bordering Russia to suspend freight and passenger rail services with your country. We also ask to end any interaction between the systems and exclude Russian Railways from all international organizations. A conductor, a train assembler, a dispatcher, a RR driver who carries out criminal orders and transports tanks, military equipment and occupiers to the borders of Ukraine, you will never again have the honorary title of a RAILWAYMAN - you are a KILLER. You are killing civilians and committing genocide against the Ukrainian people by your actions. Even in your worst dreams, you haven't seen how to work under shell explosions and shots, not sleeping the other day, risking your life to take civilians out of the shelling. And we have been working like this for the fifth day, and we will continue to work until we win! Ukrainian rail workers have nerves of steel and not only. And you, Russia, are holey like your cars! ” stressed Ukrzaliznytsia.

Earlier, Ukrzaliznytsia terminated any relations and interaction with JSC Russian Railways, and the Ukrainian troops blew up the railway junctions connecting the Ukrainian railway with the Russian one. It was done to block Russian Railways from delivering equipment and personnel of the Russian Army.

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