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Ukrainian village residents have stolen a Russian military vehicle (video)

A video from social networks proves it.

Russian multi-functional armored military vehicle that swims was stolen by Ukrainian village residents.

The exact location of shooting is unknown, but from the video it is clear that the incident did not take place in the city - multi-functional armored military vehicle was hitched to a tractor that drove it in an unknown direction. 

At the same time, there is a man is running after the vehicle, apparently trying to stop it. 

Let us remind you that during the four days of the war in Ukraine, the Russians suffered numerous losses of both personnel and military vehicles and equipment.

Thus, as of the evening of the 27th of February, the Russian army lost:

  • 27 aircraft
  • 26 helicopters
  • 146 tanks
  • 49 heavy guns
  • 1anti-aircraft missile system BUK
  • 706 armored military vehicles
  • about 4300 personnel
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