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Zelenskyy appointed General Zhernov head of the Kyiv Civil-Military Administration

Klytschko remains mayor; after the war, they promise to return everything to its place.

Zelenskyy appointed General Zhernov head of the Kyiv Civil-Military Administration
Mykola Zhernov
Photo: Armyinform

In a video address, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, stated that Kharkiv and Kyiv are the most critical targets for Russia now. Terror is aimed at breaking us, breaking resistance. The enemy is going to the capital as well as to Kharkiv.

That is why defending the capital is an important priority now. In all cities, Ukraine must do everything possible to stop the enemy.

"If we protect Kyiv, we will protect the state. The city is the heart of our country, and it must fight, and it will fight," the president said.

To protect the capital, the president decided to appoint a professional military chief of the Kyiv Civil-Military Administration during the war to guarantee the city's defence blocking the enemy's approaches to the capital. He will be General Mykola Zhernov.

"At a high level, he organized the engineering support of combat operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2014-2015. He is a state expert of the Military Security Service in The National Security and Defense Council. Vitali Klytschko remains the mayor of Kyiv. "After the war, we will return everything to its place in the capital," the president said.

In martial law conditions, we will remind that all regional administrations and Kyiv City State Administration became military and civil. The people who headed the regional state administrations became the heads of the military and civil administrations.

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