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Ukraine auctions war bonds

Both Ukrainian citizens and foreign investors can buy the war bonds.

Ukraine auctions war bonds
Photo: Max Levin

The auction of war bonds starts today, on March 1.

This was reported by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

This step provides an opportunity to support the budget of Ukraine by investing in government war bonds. "Both citizens of Ukraine and foreign investors can buy bonds," reads the statement.

You can buy war bonds through primary dealer banks.

The terms for these bonds are as follows:

  • Par value of one bond - 1000 hryvnya;
  • Maturity - 1 year;
  • The yield rate will be determined at the auction.

"Your contribution in support of the Ukrainian defenders is extremely important at a decisive time for Ukraine!" – the ministry noted.

The algorithm of the purchase of bonds can be found here.

Previously, advisor to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, founder of the Growford Institute think tank, and co-author of the study Vitaliy Lomakovych said that the purchase of domestic state loan bonds by the National Bank of Ukraine was justified against the background of Russian aggression.

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