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The President's Office has published current information on the cities: Kherson continues to resist

In Mykolaiv, there are combats with landing troops.

The President's Office has published current information on the cities: Kherson continues to resist
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At his briefing, the Adviser to the Head of the President's Office, Oleksiy Arestovych, provided relevant information on the cities experiencing the most powerful enemy attacks.

To the north and west of Kyiv, the enemy continues to focus its efforts and groups to develop an attack on Kyiv. But he fails, according to Arestovich, due to the systematic and effective work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Yesterday artillery strikes were conducted, which slowed down the pace of the attack, now more of them are coming to substitute the losses.

The enemy hardly moves in Chernihiv’s direction; they are killed by guerrillas, "starting a real hunt for enemy columns."

Kharkiv. The enemy works on the city with heavy jet fire systems and aircraft.

"I understand that the task is to break Kharkiv down psychologically and to terrorize. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense Units, and other defenders are very good at fighting back. Kharkiv today is the 21st century Stalingrad. Like the whole of Ukraine. The enemy suffers unprecedented losses there. According to some reports, several enemy aircraft were shot down near Kharkiv yesterday. The data are being clarified, "said the Adviser to the Head of the OP.

Joint Forces Operation zone. Most units hold on to their positions. And one of the brigades even advanced on the outskirts of Horlivka. Now are getting settled there, they may start the attack.

"On the seventh day of the war, our units initiated attacks in a separate direction," said Arestovych.

Mariupol. The situation is calm, but the enemy's attempt to attack the suburbs is possible. The defense forces are in control.

Kherson. Street combats continue.

"As for numerous reports that Kherson has fallen, this is incorrect. Our military and defense forces continue to resist both in the city and around it, " said the representative of OP.

Yesterday the enemy attempted to advance towards Mykolaiv. Near Bashtanivka, they were subject to a devastating airstrike, losing many people, military vehicles and equipment, as well as supplies. Now, according to the regional state administration, landing troops have landed. They are being eliminated.

A massive column of enemy military vehicles was destroyed today near Kryvyi Rih.

Energodar. Zaporizhzhya NPP. The enemy was destroyed at the entrance to the city.

The local authorities inform the possibility of nuclear dander if combats start in the city. We are trying to explain this to our Western partners. 

"Zaporizhia is ready for defense, as well as Kryvyi Rih. There was a certain psychological break on the battlefield - it seems that the enemy surrenders massively and puts the weapons down, or they move towards the Belarusian or Russian border. The only ones who resist are the organized mass of enemies led by the top military authorities, with Russian generals present; and also those that have not been under devastating fire of our artillery, aircraft, and ground forces, "said Arestovych.

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