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About 200 Russian troops killed, five tanks seized near Kruty

Two lorries drove the bodies away towards Sumy Region.

About 200 Russian troops killed, five tanks seized near Kruty
Photo: Wikipedia

The Russian troops have suffered a crushing defeat in an engagement with the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Territorial Defence units near Kruty, Chernihiv Region, the local merged territorial community has reported on Facebook.

The engagement took place between the villages of Pamyatne and Khoroshe Ozero on 1 March. The Russians had managed to shell the Heroes of Kruty memorial and made pictures on its background.

"According to community residents' accounts, nearly 200 bodies of dead Russian soldiers and officers were recovered after the engagement all over the area. [They were loaded onto] two Kamaz lorries and driven away in the direction of Sumy Region through the village of Plysky," the community said.

It later added that the Ukrainian troops "seized five intact tanks from the Muscovites" near Khoroshe Ozero.

The Kruty railway station is one of the symbols of Ukraine's independence fight because in 1918 it was the site of an important battle between the Ukrainian People's Republic army and the Bolsheviks that were advancing towards Kyiv. The Ukrainian army had to retreat but managed to delay the enemy, which cost numerous lives.

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