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Defence minister asks Ukrainians in seized areas to target enemy rear

Support columns following armoured vehicles are the primary target.

Defence minister asks Ukrainians in seized areas to target enemy rear

It is time to mount pressure on the slacking Russian troops up to total resistance, Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has said on Facebook.

Russia has already acknowledged its losses in the war against Ukraine, which was only made possible by the heroism of those who defend it and fight on the information front, he added.

"I call on people in the territories temporarily occupied by the enemy. With your help, our army will defeat and expel the occupiers faster. Russian troops should be deprived of rear support. Do not touch the tanks. Only if you really want to. Destroy the rear columns. They follow columns of armoured vehicles," he said.

Reznikov added that the enemy, left without fuel, ammunition, food, engineering and maintenance support, would become helpless.

"Hunters, gamekeepers, foresters. You know every footpath and every small ravine in your country. This is your time. The enemy must feel that any uninvited step on Ukrainian land may become its last," the minister said.

As was previously reported, as of 6 p.m., up to 30 foreign combat planes have entered Ukraine's airspace, mostly from Belarus. They bombarded civilians.

Since 24 February, Russia has fired over 180 rockets on Ukraine. Tonight its air strike targeted the area near Kyiv's Southern railway terminal from which an evacuation train for women and children was about to depart.

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