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“I admire you! The entire world admires you,” Zelenskyy addresses Ukrainians

“Last night, we were all bombed in Kyiv. And we all died again in Babyn Yar, from a missile strike.”

“I admire you! The entire world admires you,” Zelenskyy addresses Ukrainians
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This morning, on 2 March, a new address to Ukrainians by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was published. We republish it here in full.

“My united country, I wish you health! When I said you were united, I did not misspeak. This horrible war has entered its seventh day. We all experience this war in the same way. In the last thirty years, we have never been as united as we are now. We were all scared at first and then we were all hurt. Now, we no longer care about anything except our victory. Except the truth. Except peace. Except the quiet we all want to experience again. Except the lives of our people, people we worry about. Except Ukraine. In these seven days, we have truly become one. We have forgiven each other for many things. We have come to love one another. We help one another. We are afraid for one another. Yesterday morning, we were all citizens of Kharkiv on Freedom Square. Then, the enemy destroyed us all by shelling apartment buildings in Borodianka. Last night, we were all bombed in Kyiv. And we all died again in Babyn Yar, from a missile strike. Even though the world keeps promising, “Never again!”

For any sane person who knows history, Babyn Yar is a part of Kyiv unlike any other. It is a part of Europe unlike any other. It is a place of prayer. A place where we remember one hundred thousand victims killed by Nazis. It is a place where old Kyiv cemeteries are. What kind of person targets such a place with missiles? You are killing the victims of the Holocaust for the second time. In Soviet times, a broadcasting centre was built there on the bones of the dead. And a sports complex. And warehouses. They opened a park there. All that was done to erase the history of Babyn Yar. But why was it bombed? To do something like that, one has to be less than human. The strike tells us that Kyiv is something alien to many people in Russia. They know nothing about our capital. About our history. But they were ordered to erase our history, to erase our country. To erase us all. On the first day of this war, Uman, a city where hundreds of thousands of Jewish people come to pray each year, was heavily bombed. Babyn Yar, where one hundred thousand Jews were shot, was next. I ask now all the Jewish people in the world. Can’t you see what is happening here? It is vital now for millions of Jews all over the world not to remain silent. Silence begets Nazism. Raise your voices and scream about the killings of innocent people. Scream about the enemy killing Ukrainians.

Last night, they continued to attack our cities with bombs, rockets, artillery and machine guns. They fired on civilians. Again. They shelled residential areas. Again. Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Zhytomyr and other Ukrainian cities were attacked again. This cannot be explained by any reason that a human would understand. Any reason that a Christian would understand. If they attacked Babyn Yar, what’s next? What military sites are there that threaten Russia? What NATO bases? Saint Sophia Cathedral? Kyiv Pechersk Lavra? St Andrew’s Church? Whatever they are planning, let them go to hell. Because God is with us!

In these seven days, we brought the European Union together on a new level. A level beyond formality. A level where connections transcend those between government institutions of different countries. These are connections between ordinary people, between millions upon millions of Europeans from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to Kharkiv suburbs where heavy fighting continues as we speak. When the European Parliament gave a standing ovation to us and our struggle, it was them showing appreciation of our efforts. Of our unity. In the six days of war, more was done than in the last thirty. This is why the European Union has said “yes” to us. We started a special, accelerated admission procedure. Our diplomats and our friends are uniting the entire world for the sake of Ukraine and peace. Despite its neutral status, Switzerland supports the EU sanctions against Russian oligarchs, officials, Russia itself and its businesses. Let me reiterate: Switzerland refuses to be neutral where Ukraine is concerned. What are other countries waiting for? Even the countries Moscow was counting on just a week ago have now joined our antiwar coalition. It is an incredible achievement. No one can remain neutral now!

So what has Russia achieved? Its flag is no longer to be used in sports competitions. Modern global culture will be closed to Russians. Russian goods are taken off shelves all over the world. Russian banks are being shut out of the global system. Russian citizens are losing their life savings and any prospects they might have had. Russian mothers are losing their children in a foreign land. Think about it. Almost six thousand Russian soldiers have died. In six days of war. This figure does not include the losses the enemy has suffered last night. Six thousand. To do what? To take Ukraine? It is impossible, not with missiles, not with bombs, not with tanks. Not with any strikes. This is our land. They will be tried for their war against us by an International Tribunal.

My fellow Ukrainians! Another night of Russia’s full-scale war against us, against our people, has passed. It was a difficult night. Some spent it hiding in the metro. Others spent it in the basements of their homes. Some were lucky enough to sleep at home. Others were sheltered by their friends and relatives. We haven’t had a good night’s sleep for seven nights. If we do sleep, we sleep restlessly. My dear Ukrainians, a time will come, when we will be able to sleep to our heart’s content. That time will be after the war is ended. After we win. When we achieve the peace we need. The peace we have always treasured. The peace we have never broken. I ask all of you to protect you loved ones. Protect your brothers in arms. I admire you! The entire world admires you, from Hollywood stars to politicians. Today, you Ukrainians are a symbol of invincibility. It shows the world that people in any country have the potential to become the greatest people on Earth. Glory to Ukraine!

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