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Intel and AMD have stopped supplying their products to Russia

Russia will also not be able to make its processors.

Intel and AMD have stopped supplying their products to Russia
Photo: 24 chanel

The world's largest manufacturers of processors, Intel and AMD, have stopped supplying their products to Russia. The Russian agency RBC reported that Chinese manufacturers have also received notifications from Intel about the ban on the supply of processors to Russia.

Taiwan's TSMC, the world's largest contract chipmaker that makes processors for AMD, Qualcomm and MediaTek, and Nvidia's graphics chips, has also announced a halt to supplies to Russia. Russian chip manufacturers also use its products.

A few days earlier, on February 24, when Russia launched full-scale aggression against Ukraine, US President Joseph Biden announced that the United States was imposing sanctions on Russia, including a ban on exports of high-tech products to Russia.

On February 25, the Bureau of Industry and Security at the US Department of Commerce (BIS, US Export Control Regulator - published a list of restrictions on exports of technological products to Russia.

"BIS restrictions should significantly reduce Russia's ability to buy products it is unable to produce," the US Department of Commerce said, adding that these are the most extensive sanctions ever imposed. According to the White House, the new restrictions will more than halve Russia's imports of high-tech products. Now American companies must obtain BIS licenses to export to Russia electronics, computers, avionics, components for the aerospace industry and more. It is expected that the United States will approve exports only in exceptional cases.

The sanctions aim to deprive the Russian defence industry aircraft and shipbuilding industries of the opportunity to operate thoroughly.

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