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"Information that Kyiv is encircled is a lie and manipulation," - said Klitschko

The mayor of the capital said in an interview with the Associated Press that now it is dangerous to evacuate the population.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko did not say that the capital "is encircled by Russian occupiers and civilians cannot be evacuated."

"Russia continues to fight against Ukraine not only with military weapons, but also with information.They create fake pages of government officials, manipulate information, create some fakes. Today they created a clone of my Instagram page. In the evening, Russian online publications spread information with reference to me that Kyiv was allegedly encircled and the evacuation of people was impossible. And it is strange that Ukrainian telegram channels started to spread it… Don't believe lies! Trust information that is given only from official sources. Altogether, we will withstand. Ukraine will win! Glory to our army, glory to our citizens! Glory to Ukraine! ", Klitschko wrote in his Telegram channel.

The mayor's spokeswoman Oksana Zinovieva told NewsV that today the media allegedly spread Klitschko's statement in an interview with the Associated Press that Kyiv is encircled and people cannot be evacuated.

She explained that Klitschko did give an interview to the Associated Press, but in it he said that it is now dangerous to evacuate the population.

"He said it a bit differently. Incorrect representation," Zinovieva said, calling the message a lie and a manipulation.

We will remind you that Klitschko called on Kiev to spend this night in shelters. The mayor of Kyiv also expressed support for the military and thanked the residents of Irpen, Vorzel, Bucha and Gostomel for their endurance, where fierce fighting continues as the Russian occupiers rush to Kyiv.

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