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On the fifth day of the intervention, occupiers appeared unable to hide their agony - Reznikov

The Minister of Defense believes that the international tribunal over Russia should be held in Kharkiv - a city whose homes the enemy fired on from MRLS "Grad" yesterday.

On the fifth day of the intervention, occupiers appeared unable to hide their agony - Reznikov
Photo: Фото: facebook/Міністерство оборони України

The barbaric rocket attacks and LARS (Light Artillery Rocket System) fired at peaceful cities in Ukraine are evidence that Russia can no longer fight armed Ukrainians, only the peaceful ones, like the last cowards.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov commented on Facebook after 122 hours of Ukrainian resistance to the Russian occupiers.

"On the fifth day of the intervention, the Russian occupiers were unable to hide the fact that they were in agony," he said.

Reznikov stressed that the shelling of peaceful cities and neighbourhoods is a war crime; its direct executors and organisers are doomed for the rest of their existence to hide and bear the brand of murderers.

"It will be fair if a special international tribunal is established in Kharkiv. The first trial in which the Nazis were convicted of war crimes took place in Kharkiv in 1943. Now the Kharkiv tribunal must sentence Hitler's followers from the Kremlin who have already surpassed him," said the Minister.

Reznikov said that resistance against the enemy was being waged on new fronts and that defenders in the east had become an insurmountable barrier for the enemy, which was terribly demoralized.

"On the economic front, Russia has already suffered devastating damage. Russia's currency is turning into ordinary paper. There is the first ban on Russian oil exports. The international IT community has joined in destroying the occupying army on the cyber front," the Minister said.

Hundreds of thousands of Russians have already learned the truth that there is no "special operation," as Putin calls it, but there is a war of aggression that has killed thousands of Russians.

"These days, Ukrainians are showing Russians how free people differ from slaves, citizens differ from those enslaved by tyrants. Those who have been fascinated by a rabid maniac for years are now doomed to a decade of redemption. Ukraine will win! Glory to the Ukrainian Army! Glory to Ukraine!" the Minister summed up.

Earlier, the International Criminal Court prosecutor in The Hague, Karim Khan (Great Britain), independently initiated an investigation into Russia's crimes against Ukraine. He describes the occupier's actions as "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity".

From the first day of the war, military infrastructure and kindergartens, schools, hospitals, private and apartment buildings, and maternity hospitals have come under Russian fire. Yesterday the enemy fired on Kharkiv from MRLS "Grad". Eighty-seven houses were destroyed, at least 11 people died.

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