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159 Nobel laureates signed a letter of support for Ukraine

The laureates compare Russia's aggression against Ukraine with the actions of Nazi Germany.

159 Nobel laureates signed a letter of support for Ukraine

Ksenia Bilash. Editor of Department "Cultura"

Nobel laureates expressed their support to Ukrainian people during the Russian aggression. This was reported by "Europeiska Pravda", with the reference to the letter and the list of signatories.

Here is the text of the letter.

"Just as Nazi Germany attacked Poland in 1939 (using similar tricks and false provocations) and the Soviet Union in 1941, the Russian government led by President Putin launched an unwarranted military aggression - nothing more than a war - against a neighboring state, Ukraine.

Here we choose our words carefully, because we do not believe that the Russian people play a role in this aggression.

Together, we condemn these military actions and President Putin's denial of the very legitimacy of Ukraine's existence. There is always a peaceful way to resolve disputes.

The Russian invasion grossly violates the UN Charter, which states that "All members must refrain in their international relations from threatening or using force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state."

It ignores the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, which required Russia and other countries to respect Ukraine's sovereignty, independence and existing borders. Russia's security unrest could be met through the UN Charter, the 1975 Helsinki Act, and the 1990 Paris Charter. The outbreak of war, as President Putin and his aides have done, is an uncertain, bloody and unproductive path to the future.

The Russian invasion tarnished the international reputation of Russia for decades to come. It will be an obstacle to its economic development and a source of difficulties for its population. The sanctions will restrict the freedom of movement of talented and hard-working Russians around the world.

Why build a wall between Russia and the world now? Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers, Russian soldiers and Ukrainian civilians, including children, have already died. It's so sad and so unnecessary.

We have united around this appeal to call on the Russian government to stop invading Ukraine and withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

We respect the peace and strength of Ukrainians. We are with you.

Our hearts flow to the families and friends of all of you, Ukrainians and Russians who have already died or been injured.

May peace come to our beautiful world. "

Let us remind you that the UN International Court of Justice has scheduled a hearing of the case "Ukraine vs Russia"for 7 an 8 March 2022

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