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Kherson is Ukrainian city, but humanitarian crisis is brewing in city

Locals are asking for humanitarian help.

Kherson is Ukrainian city, but humanitarian crisis is brewing in city
Photo: Kherson

Fights in Kherson lasted for two days. Because of this, the city was on the verge of a humanitarian crisis. This was reported to by a resident of Kherson, whose name we do not name for security reasons.

"We have been sitting in the basement for the second day. There were strong explosions yesterday. We spotted twenty occupiers right in the yard when we ran into the shelter with the children," says the lady to "The situation is difficult. Russians shoot civilians. We have a destroyed school and infrastructure. From yesterday on there is looting in shops, drugstores, and vegetable warehouses in full swing. If in the near future humanitarian aid doesn't arrive, there will be trouble."

The woman noted that Kherson still remains under Ukrainian flags, but needs humanitarian support because the city is blocked by the occupiers.

"Kherson is now defending itself so that the Russians do not go further into Ukraine. If Kherson does not resist, the occupiers will go further. That is why we are staying strong." she said.

As a reminder, on the night of 2 March, the Russian occupiers entered Kherson, they seized the river port and the railway station. Later, the mayor of Kherson Igor Kolykhayev said that the city council had "armed visitors." He claims that he did not negotiate with them and that "no one agreed on anything with him."

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