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Mayor of Kherson states about "armed visitors" that were at City Council and "policy" in the city

Kolykhayev announced the "requirements" that must be followed to remain the Ukrainian flag over the city.

Mayor of Kherson states about "armed visitors" that were at City Council and "policy" in the city

The mayor of Kherson Ihor Kolykhayev reported about "armed visitors" today in the City Council. He said that he did not negotiate with them and that "no one negotiated on any issues" with him.

"My team and I are peaceful people," wrote the head of the city, which is heroically resisting the occupiers. In a post on Facebook, Kolykhayev also said that the city has difficulties with burying the dead, delivering food and medicine, garbage removal, and eliminating accidents.

Kolykhayev says that the flag over Kherson is Ukrainian, but "requirements" must be followed to remain so. He says that "he just asked not to shoot at people" and that the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kherson allegedly does not exist.

"You can go to the city only during the day.

The curfew from 20:00 to 6:00 is strictly observed.

Only cars with food and medicine enter the city.

We will let out public transport that allows bakery employees, shops, and pharmacies to get to work.

Pedestrians walk one by one, a maximum of two. The military is not provoked. They should stop at the first request. No conflict.

Cars that allowed to be in the city under the conditions, drive at minimum speed, and must be ready at any time to show what's inside," he wrote.

Kolykhayev says he cannot offer anything else at the moment.

"Everything happening in our city now is a policy which I hate. I came to upgrade the infrastructure, encourage investments in Kherson, build houses, roads, parks, and a new life for the city. As a result, I am looking for special packages for the killed, asking the whole world to provide a green corridor, and think how can I now rebuild the city after tanks and armored personnel carriers," he said.

We remind the Russian occupiers entered Kherson at night; they captured the river port and the railway station. Locals say the enemies have not yet tried to grab power, but have attacked their shops. Kolykhayev claims that the city is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe and asks to make a green corridor to take out the wounded and bring food to the citizens.

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