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Director General of DW calls on Russian citizens “to continue the dialogue, which sometimes cannot be done without the unpleasan

The likelihood that Russian authorities' blockage DW and other international media on the internet is becoming increasingly more apparent.

Director General of DW calls on Russian citizens “to continue the dialogue, which sometimes cannot be done without the unpleasan

The Director General of German broadcaster Deutsche Welle Peter Limbourg addressed the citizens of the Russian Federation which invaded Ukraine. The statement is published on the media’s website in Russian. 

Limbourg condemned the war and urged the Russians to continue a dialogue. He also spoke about the role of DW. 

“Dear DW friends in Russia! After the forced closure of our office in Moscow at the beginning of February, the situation for independent journalism in your country has become increasingly difficult. We believe it’s becoming increasingly likely that the Russian authorities are blocking DW and other international media. I am very sorry, and I ask that if possible, you use the methods to bypass the Internet censorship so you can read, see and hear us. You can find the information you need here,” he said. 

Limbourg stressed that Deutsche Welle is an independent international media company from Germany; it is not a state media. 

“Russian citizens, in these difficult times of confrontation, we want to provide you with independent information. And for this, we need to clearly say: the heavy fighting in Ukraine results from the aggression that was launched on Putin’s orders and that he is responsible for. This is not a special operation against the alleged Nazis. This attack carries incredible suffering, destruction, death, and evacuation. Many, too many soldiers have died from both sides, as well as Ukrainian civilians,” the Director General stressed. 

The Director of DW said that the editorial board considers it their role to continue having a dialogue with the people in Russia. 

"Sometimes, such a dialogue cannot take place without the unpleasant truth. Russia is the largest country in the world. It certainly does not need more territory, but it needs more prosperity and rights for its citizens, and better opportunities for the future of its children. A future without war and threats in Europe. Let's all contribute so that the connection between us is not completely lost," says the statement. 

At the beginning of February, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation announced the termination of the German international language company "Deutsche Welle" in the country. This is how the Russian authorities responded to the RT DE channel’s broadcasting ban in Germany.

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