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Ukraine is a fence between non-civilization and civilization, - Zelensky

 Today, March 3, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi spoke with representatives of the world media at the press center of the Office of the President in the capital.

Ukraine is a fence between non-civilization and civilization, - Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Ukraine today is a fence between non-civilization and civilization, referring to Russia and the West.

 The President said this during a conversation with representatives of the world media at the Office of the President press center in Kyiv.

 The Russian army, the people, no one counts how many die under the shelling of this war. Do you know that they brought a crematorium with them?

It means that they (the Russian authorities) are not going to tell soldiers’ families, their mothers, that their children died here, that they came here to kill us. It’s terrible! ", the President of Ukraine expressed indignation.

He said he did not understand how the Russian president and the top of the Russian army could treat their soldiers like that, given the information about the mobile crematorium.

 "I don't understand what kind of person can plan such acts? These are acts of genocide and Nazism!" Zelensky stressed.

 "The end of the world has already happened, if we cannot stop such steps. The end of the world for such people," the President added.

He noted that today Ukraine is "a fence between non-civilization and civilization."

 "I do not cut off the people of Russia. They are afraid to go to the streets, to tell their president, as I am told. When people were not happy with something there were demonstrations. They said “It does not suit us, we are not happy with some tax changes etc. It’s normal. We chose you to have access to you”, Volodymyr Zelenskyi said.

 Asked by reporters about the "red lines" in negotiations with Russia, Zelensky said that if he had not been president, he would have joined the territorial defense today and in no case would he comply with such an order if he were required to lay down his weapon in defense of his fellow citizens.

 The President of Ukraine appealed to the mothers of Russian soldiers to take their sons out of the war started by Russia.

 "I would not like them to be left in the crematorium, and their mothers will not even know," the head of state added.

 It will be recalled that the second round of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia started today, March 3. Ukraine demands an immediate ceasefire, truce and the provision of humanitarian corridors.

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