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"We are closing our airspace to all Russian aircraft," Biden’s address

Biden’s State of the Union address.

"We are closing our airspace to all Russian aircraft," Biden’s address

The USA closed the sky to the Russian aircraft, stated Joe Biden during his first State of the Union address. Other messages of Biden’s address:“America remembers that when dictator does not pay for the aggression, he will not stop.” 

“Now Putin is isolated from the world more than ever. Russia will be completely isolated from all the benefits of the civilized world; its economy will be in free fall.” 

“We will continue sanctions to destroy their financial system, to prevent Russian central banks from participating in financial operations. We are trying to block Russia’s access to technology, to economic power so that their military forces are as weak as possible”. 

“Russian oligarchs have amassed many billions of dollars during their brutal regime. It will be no more. We need to put an end to it. Our Ministry of Justice will persecute Russian oligarchs to confiscate their yachts, their luxury apartments, their property.” 

“We will help Ukrainians while they fight for their freedom.” 

“Our military will not take part in the war in Ukraine. Our troops are going to Europe to protect our NATO allies if Putin decides to advance further West. We are mobilizing ground, air and naval forces to protect Poland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia."“USA together with 30 countries released 60 billion barrels of oil from the reserves. The US is leading these efforts, releasing 30 million barrels from our strategic reserve. And we are prepared to do more if there is need.” “Putin believed that he would invade Ukraine and then the whole world would submit to him. Instead, he met the resistance he could not have imagined. He met Ukrainian people. Ukrainian people, you are inspiring the whole world!”“Russia will come out of this war weaker, and the rest of the world will be stronger.”

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