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Belarus troops are on alert (Ministry of Defense)

The troops have a location near the Ukrainian borders.

Belarus troops are on alert (Ministry of Defense)

The Republic of Belarus assists in deploying Russian troops and weapons on its territory.

The Ministry of Defense reported it.

"In the future, Belarus will be able to support the Russian invaders in the Russian-Ukrainian war and help achieve the occupiers' goals," the statement said.

Since February 24, 2022, the missiles that strike on military and civilian facilities in Ukraine have a system launching from Belarus. According to the Ministry of Defense, "Belarus troops have got combat readiness and are present in areas of concentration as close as possible to the state border of Ukraine."

"Currently, according to the military intelligence, there is a significant activity of aircraft. In addition, the movement of convoys of vehicles with food and ammunition in the area of Baranovichi, Lyakhovichi, and Pinsk."

In addition, Russian troops are preparing to launch large-scale information and psychological operations and have already begun destroying cellular relay towers. On March 1, 2022, there was a rocket launch from the TV tower of Kyiv city.

The Defense Ministry emphasizes that the Russian army continues to disregard the norms of international humanitarian law during hostilities.

However, "groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending certain borders and inflicting a devastating defeat on the enemy in all directions," the Defense Ministry said.

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