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Ukrainian scientists appealed to the International scienсe community to block funding for russian science

This appeal was signed by more than a thousand Ukrainian scientists

Ukrainian scientists appealed to the International scienсe community to block funding for russian science
Photo: RBC

Ukrainian scientists appealed to the international science community to block funding for russian science.

The text of the appeal was posted online. Its initiator of such appeal - Associate Professor of Mathematical Modeling and Artificial Intelligence, National Aerospace University N.E. Zhukovsky "KhAI" Dmitryy Chumachenko.

The Russian Federation (Russia) has carried out an insidious and utterly shameful military attack on our country! In 2022, using forbiden in the civilized world cruise missiles with cluster munitions and vacuum bombs destroying residential houses, kindergartens and hospitals in the heart of Europe…The whole world is repelling the aggressor by issuing the sanctions. At the same time, we believe that in this situation the progressive world scientific community should say its mighty word too," reads in appeal.

Therefore Ukrainian scientists highlighted the following requests to the International science community:

• to block citizens and institutions of the Russian Federation from access to all scientometric databases and materials of all scientific publishing houses;

• to prevent the participation of Russian scientists and research institutions in international grant programs funded by the EU and other partners;

•to suspend the participation of researchers, students and institutions from the Russian Federation in current programs of international academic mobility;

• to boycott attempts to host scientific events in the middle of the Russian Federation (including scientific conferences, symposia, and etc.);

• to suspend the indexation of scientific publications published in the Russian Federation in all scientometric databases;

• to prohibit Russian citizens from being editors/co-editors/reviewers of any international publications.

Recalling that on 2 of March, the Riga City Council has decided to suspend cooperation with the former sister cities of Riga - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Minsk.

On the same day, EA Sports (a division of Electronic Arts that develops and publishes sports video games) began removing Russians from FIFA games because of the war in Ukraine.

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