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Nova Kakhovka has spent a week under Russian occupation

The city is located 80 km from the Crimea.

Nova Kakhovka has spent a week under Russian occupation

On the seventh day of the war that the Russian Federation had started against Ukraine, several small towns remained temporarily occupied. Nova Kakhovka is one of them. Video was provided to by local residents.

Nova Kakhovka is located 80 km from the occupied Crimea. The North Crimean Canal is supplied with water from the Kakhovka Reservoir. South-west of Nova Kakhovka is Kherson, which was also occupied by the Russian invaders. Although surrounded by Russian checkpoints, it currently holds the Ukrainian flag.

Initially, the mayor of Nova Kakhovka, Volodymyr Kovalenko, said that the city with 50,000 inhabitants was Ukrainian. However later he admitted that it had come under the control of the Russian military. The Russians seized the city executive committee and removed all Ukrainian flags. Nova Kakhovka is full of Russian soldiers and equipment, there is a curfew, and the population is not allowed to move on some streets, especially in the area of hydroelectric power plant.

Locals in the villages around Nova Kakhovka are left with no electricity or water. Eyewitnesses report that many people also do not have any mobile connection.

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