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Putin has banned the export of more than $ 10,000 from Russia

The Russian leader signed a decree.

Putin has banned the export of more than $ 10,000 from Russia

Russia has introduced another economic restriction for the population. This time, citizens are prohibited from taking more than $ 10,000 in cash from the country (previously, more than $ 10,000 simply had to be declared).

The order's signing, which was published on the Kremlin's website, was due to "unfriendly and inconsistent with international law actions of the United States and international organizations that joined them" (these are sanctions imposed on Russia after it attacked Ukraine).

This same document prohibits non-residents of the Russian Federation from "unfriendly countries and their controlled structures" from entering into agreements with securities and real estate, receiving loans in rubles without the consent of the government commission on foreign investment control. In addition, the day before, Vladimir Putin had signed a decree on so-called "retaliatory sanctions", which prohibits residents of the Russian Federation:

- crediting currency to their accounts in foreign banks;

- making money transfers (without opening a bank account) to foreigners using electronic means of payment;

- transferring currency to non-residents under loan agreements.

We remind that the day before, the Apple company had stopped the sale of iPhone and other products in Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. In addition, according to the business publication Bloomberg, Russia has become a country unsuitable for investment.

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