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Head of NBU Shevchenko: Ukrainian banking system works smoothly

He asked to pay by card, not to endanger the cash collectors. 

Head of NBU Shevchenko: Ukrainian banking system works smoothly
Kyrylo Shevchenko
Photo: Maks Trebukhov

The Head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kyrylo Shevchenko, stated on his Facebook page that the Ukrainian banking system is running smoothly. He noted that banks continue to support their offices' operations where there is no danger to the population’s life and health. 

“Online banking systems are working normally - they can be used to pay the mobile operators, conduct cashless transfers, including financial help for the army. Commercial companies (stores, gas stations, and pharmacies) should accept card payments - there are no limitations on such payments from the National Bank of Ukraine. Banks are gradually supporting ATMs with cash where possible,” the head of the state financial regulator said. 

At the same time, Shevchenko urged Ukrainians to choose non-cash payments while shopping. 

“Banks’ cash collectors each day are risking their lives, refilling ATMs with cash. By reducing the demand for cash, we are reducing the risk to their lives and health,” - he said. 

He also asked the operators of retail chains and gas stations not to allow any refusals to accept non-cash payments. 

“To not accept banking cards right now is at the very least the unpatriotic step that has no justification. Especially today, when Ukraine is showing the world the unprecedented example of heroism, courage, and unity in the face of evil,” Shevchenko noted. 

Earlier, the National Bank of Ukraine noted that there would be no interruptions with the cash flow, hryvna exchange rate was fixed at the time of the introduction of martial law. 

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