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Russia continues to bomb Okhtyrka, - governor of the Sumy region

During the CHP (combined heat and power facility) bombing, five workers were killed

Russia continues to bomb Okhtyrka, - governor of the Sumy region
Okhtyrka district

Russian air force continues (we have even lost count) to bomb infrastructural and critically essential facilities in the area, shared Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, the Head of the Sumy Regional State Administration.

"The Russians destroyed CHP and killed five civil workers. There is no heating in the city. There is partially no water and electricity in the houses. What can I say, Okhtyrka itself is partially gone!" – governor wrote.

He also announced that on 5 March Russian air force destroyed the city's food warehouse, building materials warehouse, and parking space. They shelled the residential area. We are awaiting the exact number of wounded and casualties.

Zhyvytskyi also added that enemy artillery had been attacking peaceful village Velyka Pysarivka for the past day. There is no electricity in the town, houses and electrical network are damaged.

The only city in the Sumy region occupied by enemy Russian troops is Trostyanets. "According to the Head of the community, the number of enemy vehicles passing through Trostyanets has significantly reduced. We are making efforts to bring the city back to life," – Zhyvytskyi wrote. – "According to information from local citizens, there is no heating, electricity, and water in the whole city. There are problems with the cell network. There is no heating in private houses either because everything works on pumps, which depend on electricity. There is no food in the groceries; everything was taken away by the Russian occupiers. There are no medicines in the pharmacies either. In Trostyanets, a local farmer is baking bread and delivers to houses free of charge".

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