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We are not accepted into NATO because they are afraid of Russia, - Zelenskyy

"There are NATO countries that want to be security guarantors and ready to do everything the Alliance would have to do if we were its members."

Photo: OPU
One-third of NATO members do not see Ukraine in the Alliance.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said it in an interview with European public broadcasters.

"There is unambiguity of some countries that see us there and only with them. And there is a third of the countries that at least don't see us there, don't see us publicly. And most are afraid to talk about it in public. I'm not saying we have enemies in the West. I'm just saying that there are close people who are ready to do anything for us, and there are those who are not ready. That's all. "

According to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine seeks negotiations to stop the war.

"Even though we hate these troops who are destroying us and killing our people, we still need to sit down and talk if we want peace. We need to negotiate because we have to. But negotiating is not the same as fulfilling the ultimatum, he told. - A compromise can be found in the dialogue. That is why the fire is stopped first; the troops are withdrawn, then the presidents meet and agree that the troops will be withdrawn, and there are certain security guarantees. "

According to the President of Ukraine, potential guarantors of our security must give a clear answer about NATO membership.

"To say that they are taking Ukraine into NATO. Or to say: we do not take Ukraine now. That is true, and they understand; that they do not want to face the war with Russia, so they do not take us. The answer is very simple. We all already understand it. We are not taken because they are afraid of Russia. That's all, - he stated. We need to calm down and say that it is okay; other security guarantees exist. There are NATO countries that want to be guarantors of security. Unfortunately, they cannot offer us 100% membership in the Alliance but are ready to do everything the Alliance would have to do if we were its members. "

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is convinced that such a compromise would be acceptable to all.

"For the West, which does not know what to do with us regarding NATO. For Ukraine, which wants security guarantees, and for Russia, which does not want further NATO expansion and says that it had such agreements with Western countries, he said. "And that's why we need to find a compromise here because this will be the end of the war."

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