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Zelenskyy appeals to the Italians for the second time: we need more pressure on Russia to look for peace, not reservists

The President spoke to the Chamber of Deputies.

Zelenskyy appeals to the Italians for the second time: we need more pressure on Russia to look for peace, not reservists

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed once again to the Italians, addressing the Italian Chamber of Deputies. He urged Italians not to procrastinate on putting pressure on Russia.

“117 children, thousands of adults [killed]. Thousands of wounded. Dozens of thousands of destroyed families. Hundreds of thousands of ruined lives. Millions, already millions of abandoned houses. And it all started with just one person," said the president.

"The occupiers destroy Ukrainian cities. Some of them are almost completely ruined. Like Mariupol. You heard about this city – our city on the shore of the Sea of Azov. Where about half a million people lived. It is about the same number of people as in your city of Genoa. I was there. And now there is nothing in Mariupol. Only ruins. Imagine - completely burned Genoa. After three weeks of the complete blockade. Bombing, shelling, which did not stop for a moment. Completely ruined Genoa, from where people are escaping, your wonderful people. On foot, by cars, by buses... Just to reach the safe place,” stated Zelenskyy.

The president also reminded that the Ukrainian doctors were among the first to come to help when Italy was struggling with the COVID pandemic. And he also expressed gratitude to Italy for its help to Ukraine.

"You have supported us sincerely, rapidly. Without asking anything in return. You are helping us now, we really appreciate this. But still..." said Zelenskyy, adding that we need more sanctions and pressure, "so Russia does not look for military reserves or mercenaries in Libya or Syria, but peace".

"The consequences of this war are already being felt in many parts of the world. Not only in Europe. And the worst thing will be hunger, which is approaching different countries. Ukraine has always been one of the largest exporters of food. But how can we crop under the Russian bombs? How can we crop when the enemy deliberately puts mines in the fields, destroys fuel storage? We do not know what harvest we will have. And will we be able to export, when our ports are blocked and seized? Corn, vegetable oil, wheat, and many other products. Vital goods. Including for your neighbors, across the sea," the president emphasized.

Zelenskyy urged Italy not to be a resort for killers, to block the assets of all those, who have influence in Russia, to support a full trade embargo and a ban on Russian ships entering ports.

“Help us. Stop the murders. Save Ukrainian families. …From the first day of this war, you shared our pain and help us sincerely, from your heart. Ukrainians will always remember this. Your warmth, care, and your strength – must stop one person. Just one person for millions to survive,” summarized the president.

This is the second appeal of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the Italians. For the first time, he spoke to people who rallied against the war on 12 March 2022. Then he urged Italians to put pressure on politicians to "close" the sky over Ukraine.

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