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Resistance Forces in Chernihiv Region Destroyed the Russian "Tiger"

Enemy losses are being clarified.

Resistance Forces in Chernihiv Region Destroyed the Russian "Tiger"

The resistance forces of Sivershchyna(a district in Chernihiv region) together with local patriots destroyed the Russian armored combat vehicle "Tiger".

This message was spread by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Photo: Destruction of the "Tiger"

"Chernihiv region is called the land of partisan glory for good reason, because people are defending their land together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Yes, the resistance forces of Sivershchyna together with local patriots managed to destroy the Russian "Tiger". The losses of the enemy are being clarified," - the statement says.

The armored combat vehicle "Tiger" is positioned by the enemy army as an effective army machine for reconnaissance, patrol and escort of columns.

Three days ago, servicemen of the Motorized Infantry Battalion “Vinnytsia Scythians” destroyed a column of Russian occupiers consisting of two armored combat vehicles “Tiger” and a KamAZ truck.

Earlier, NLAW fire extinguished the Russian Tiger with a high-ranking official of the 35th Army, and the remote detonation of the TM-62 destroyed the BTR-82(Armored Personnel Carrier) with a landing party.

You can join the forces of the Ukrainian resistance and learn how to quickly and effectively destroy enemy equipment on the official website of the Center for National Resistance.

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