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How does Kyiv eat during the war? Special edition of Ukrainian Witness with Vitalii Deineha

Some institutions feed thousands of Ukrainian soldiers, as well as people who are hiding from enemy shelling in shelters.

How does Kyiv eat during the war? Special edition of Ukrainian Witness with Vitalii Deineha

On the YouTube channel Ukrainian Witness posted a video with the project founder Vitalii Deineha about how Kyiv eats in modern realities.

The war made adjustments not only to the food system of Kiev citizens, but also to the activities of the capital's eating establishments. Those eating establishments that used to prepare for hundreds of visitors are now preparing for thousands of fighters, children and people who need it. There are also those eating establishments that work in regular mode. This gives a kind of "habitual life" when people can go for coffee and joke with a barista or go to a restaurant, order their favorite dish and "switch" a little.

Volunteers in field kitchens have formed a kind of front that provides food for fighters, children, people who sit in shelters and those who need it. Food workers organized their work well: someone provided the room, someone brought food, and someone just came as a volunteer in order to cook. All of them work for a single goal - victory.

"If a person does not fight for his home and his bread, then there is no point in living at all," says Onur, the owner of the food chain in the capital. He, like many of his colleagues, is not afraid of the displacement of combat actions, is ready from the food front to switch to combat and become an armed defender of our country.

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Earlier, Ukrainian Witness media project was launched by Vitalii Deineha, founder of the Return Alive Foundation, which helps the Ukrainian Army.

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