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Chernihiv: Russian troops bomb road bridge over Desna (updated)

It served to connect the city with Kyiv.

In Chernihiv, Russian troops bombed a road bridge across the river of Desna, which connected the city with Kyiv. Suspilne News reported, citing the Head of Chernihiv Region Military Administration Viacheslav Chaus.

"Air bombs were dropped on the bridge, one of the spans fell," he said. 

This bridge was used to evacuate people from Chernihiv as well as to deliver humanitarian aid to the city.

Updated. In his morning address, Chaus also noted that the destruction of the bridge will not disturb the delivery of humanitarian aid to the city.

The Secretary of the Chernihiv City Council Oleksandr Lomako has also confirmed the destruction of the bridge.

"A new reality for Chernihiv. There is no more road bridge across the Desna in the direction of Kyiv after the night air raid of the Russian Nazis. It’s okay, we’ll figure something out!" he wrote. 

As reported earlier, on 17 March around 10AM Russian troops fired on civilians in central Chernihiv. Some of the people were waiting in line for water.

On 16 March in the residential district of Chernihiv, Russian troops fired on people standing in line for bread. At least 13 people were killed.

Chernihiv Mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko said that as of 17 March, according to preliminary data, more than two hundred Chernihiv citizens were killed by the occupiers.

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