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Another missile strike on Lviv (updated)

Significant damage caused.

Another missile strike on Lviv (updated)
Photo: Ivan Stanislavskyy

New explosions took place in Lviv at about 7 pm. The previous ones were around 4 pm: russian missile strikes injured five people, a fire broke out at the oil depot.

Mayor Andriy Sadovy confirmed information about another missile strike. Head of the Regional Military Administration Maksym Kozytskyy added that the last three explosions were more powerful. The air alarm continues.

"Stay in shelters, keep calm. Do not disseminate any information, photos, or videos before official announcements," Kozytskyy urged.

Update as of 7:29 pm. The impact caused significant damage to infrastructure. Residential buildings were not damaged, Sadovyy said.

Firefighting continues.

As reported earlier, on March 18, the russian military hit area near the aircraft repair plant of Lviv. One victim was reported at the time. On March 13, they hit the Yavoriv testing site near Lviv – 23 kilometers from the border with Poland, a NATO country.

The second attack killed 35 people.

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