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Ukraine says russia lost over $10bn worth of equipment in war

Among other things, the ship that took part in the invasion of Georgia and the Crimea was destroyed. 

Russia lost more than $ 10 billion worth of equipment during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Defense Ministry said. 

"Due to the coordinated interaction of troops and forces, a large number of russian equipment is being destroyed. The enemy has already lost more than $ 10 billion in equipment", the message said. 

Ukrainian defenders managed to destroy:

  • T-90 M tank "Vladimir" worth up to $ 300,000. These were used in Syria and the second war in Karabakh

  • Pantsir missile system, designed to cover objects. One was burned in Bashtanka, and three others were seized and handed to Ukrainian defenders

  • Ka-52 combat helicopter for reconnaissance and coordination, can impress equipment and manpower. One helicopter was shot down on February 24 over Mezhyhirya, another one on March 2 in Bucha district, March 12 – near Skadovsk, March 16 – near Mykolayiv, two helicopters on March 19 over Kyiv region (with Stinger) and another one over Zaporizhia region.

  • IL-76 aircraft for paratroopers and cargo

  • two Su-35 Cs were destroyed in Kyiv region (by missiles), one - on March 4 - in Chernihiv (from Igla-1 anti-aircraft missile system)

  • Iskander-M, which carries ballistic missiles. Probably, they beat our airfields at the beginning of the invasion on February 24. On March 10, the Ukrainian military destroyed the Iskander-M division with four installations and 8 ballistic missiles

  • large landing craft "Saratov", which can carry up to 1,000 tons of equipment. It took part in the Crimea annexation and the invasion of Georgia. In March it went to the port of Berdyansk, from which it could not get out. 

It will be recalled that during the full war against Ukraine, russia has already lost 625 tanks and 7 ships and boats..

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