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Russians appoint their “mayor” in occupied Kakhovka

Police and water station administrations switched over to the occupiers’ side.

Russians appoint their “mayor” in occupied Kakhovka

Russian occupiers' troops appointed a new “mayor” in the occupied Kakhovka in the Kherson region instead of the legitimate head of the town, Vitaliy Nemerets, the press center of the Kakhovska amalgamated community reports. 

A few dozens of the armed Russian soldiers entered the Kakhovka city council building with some local residents. They gathered all the employees in the assembly hall, announcing their decision. 

“They gathered all the employees of the executive committee of the city council, who were at their workplace at the time, in the meeting room, took away their phones. They announced that the local authorities who are currently organizing all the work in the community are not handling their job well. The Russian military announced that from now on, Pavlo Filipchuk (formed member of the Kherson regional council from the “Opposition Block” - ed.), head of police Oleh Buhovets and head of municipal “Vodokanal” Oleh Khavriliuk would run the city,” the message from the amalgamated community said.

They proposed to all the employees of the executive committee of the city council to cooperate with the new “authorities” and promised to fire those who refused. The local authorities of the Kakhovska town amalgamated community said the city council employees refused the occupiers’ offer. 

Kakhovka has been occupied since the first day of the war, February 24. According to the mayor Vitaliy Nemerets, humanitarian corridors to the town have not been opened. People go out to peaceful rallies against the occupation from time to time. 

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