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Ukraine plans to compensate Ukrainians for housing lost during war

The Ukrainian Government will introduce compensation packages for the damage and destruction of the residential buildings as a result of teh full-scale war Russia launched in Ukraine

Ukraine plans to compensate Ukrainians for housing lost during war
Photo: National Police

Ukraine plans to compensate its citizens for housing lost during the war. The relevant bill №7198 was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada today in the first reading session, 307 parliament members voted in favor, as reported by the Chairperson of the "Sluga Narodu " Party Olena Shulyak in Telegram.

"The bill provides for state compensation for lost or damaged residential buildings as a result of the war launched by the russian federation in the territory of Ukraine. Citizens will be offered with the new housing, as per the waiting list in each separate town. Priority will be given to large families, people with disabilities and soldiers. The Compensation Commission will work in each community, will accept applications, set-up expert examinations and provide resolutions regarding the compensation package”, - she wrote.

Citizens of Ukraine (homeowners; investors in real estate; members of cooperatives; heirs of the above-mentioned persons) will be entitled to such compensation. The management organizations of multi-story buildings will be able to apply for compensation for the benefit of rebuilding of commonly used areas.

Detailed information about damaged housing may already be submitted electronically via application "Diia", or in person in the Local Government Offices.

There are two options for compensation:

1. Fully destroyed / restoration cannot be granted – government will fund the construction of new housing 

2. Partially destroyed / restoration can be granted subject to certain conditions – government will either directly finance or set-up restoration works on behalf of the applicant

"The new housing shall be of similar size, but not more than 150 square meters; in the same town or in a different location, but of a similar category. The higher value housing may be provided, however extra budget shall be covered by the applicant. The applicant may select a service provider among those who will sign-up for the program. Compensation for repairs shall be determined based on the results of the independent assessment. The maximum amount of compensation cannot exceed the total replacement cost", - she added.

Once the application for damage of the residential building is submitted to “Diia”, the Ukrainian government shall appoint an independent asset appraisal to determine the size and type of the compensation.

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