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Luhansk governor says occupiers hit tank with nitric acid in Rubizhne

People should not come out of shelters.

Luhansk governor says occupiers hit tank with nitric acid in Rubizhne

In Rubizhne, Luhansk region, occupiers hit a tank with nitric acid.

The chairman of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Sergiy Gaidai announced it on Telegram-channel.

“Don’t come out of shelters! If you are indoors, you should close doors and windows! Effects on humans: nitric acid is dangerous if inhaled, swallowed and in contact with skin and mucous membranes,” – Gaidai mentioned.

Gaidai said that acid vapors cause irritation to the respiratory tract. While mild poisoning signs of bronchitis, mild bronchiolitis, dizziness, drowsiness occur, while severe one – pulmonary edema.

Gas masks are used to protect against nitric acid vapors and mists. The chairman urged to prepare wet face masks.

Gaidai added that in contact with eyes nitric acid causes severe damage with lesions and extensive necrosis of the cornea and conjunctiva, leading to vision loss.

The head of the Luhansk region advised to rinse eyes under running water for 10-30 minutes if nitric acid gets into them. In case of contact with skin, you should wash the affected area with water, adding baking soda, soap. If swallowing nitric acid, gastric lavage with plenty of water is necessary.

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